How Do You Get Rid of Garden Snakes?


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Snake-proof fencing and habitat modification are methods used to eliminate garden snakes. It is often necessary to reduce other pest populations on the property to eliminate snakes successfully.

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To prevent snakes from entering the property, install snake-proof fencing made with 1/4-inch hardware cloth. The fence should be at least 30 inches high, and it should be buried at least 3 inches below ground level. The fence should slant outward at a 30-degree angle to prevent snakes from climbing over the fencing. Place the support stakes on the inside of the fence, and do not place rocks or other items along the outside edge of the fence to prevent the snakes from climbing over the fence.

If fencing is not an option, regular maintenance of the property can help reduce snake populations. Keep the grass very short, and eliminate rocks, weeds or other landscaping features, such as thick mulch, that provide the snakes with shelter. Firewood and other necessary outdoor items should be stored away from frequently used areas, such as patios, to prevent snakes in outdoor living spaces.

Snakes eat mice, slugs, frogs and other small animals, making it necessary to control all outdoor pests to eliminate snakes. If other pests are present, remove outdoor food and water sources to reduce the pests that may attract snakes to the property. Bird feeders should be removed or placed in an area away from the home.

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