How Do You Rid Your Garden of Moles?


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Trapping and poisoning with bait are the only two methods for controlling lawn moles that have been proven to be quite effective, according to the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. Although there are many other mole control products available, the PPPDL notes that most of these products do not work.

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Trapping is generally considered the most effective method for removing moles from a lawn or garden. There are a number of different types and designs of mole traps available, including kill and live release traps. The scissor type traps are usually the most effective for deep tunneling mole species like the star nosed mole, while harpoon and choker type traps are normally more effective for species like the eastern mole that tunnel closer to the surface.

Although there are many pesticides and toxic bait products that claim to be effective at killing moles, the truth is that most of the products only work on rodents and not on moles. Moles only eat worms, grubs and other insects, meaning they won't be attracted to grain type toxic baits. Instead, it is recommended to use either a gel pesticide that is squeezed directly into the hole or one of the newer worm-shaped baits. These products have a smell and taste that attracts the mole, causing them to ingest the poison and eventually die.

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