How Do You Get Rid of Flying Squirrels in the Attic?


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Trapping and relocating flying squirrels is an effective removal method. However, local laws and regulations in some areas require licensed professionals to trap and relocate flying squirrels.

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If trapping and relocating is allowed, determine whether there are infant or young squirrels in the nest by observing the colony at night, which is when the animals are most active. Flying squirrels give birth to their young in the months of April, May, June and September, and they can be difficult to remove during these months.

To trap the squirrels successfully, remove any food or water sources that may attract the squirrels, such as bird feeders and pet bowls. Place repeater traps at the entrances most frequently used by the animals, and close any additional entrances. Some experts recommend luring squirrels into the trap by using nuts or fruit. Check the traps daily until you capture the squirrels, and then check the attic thoroughly for baby squirrels.

If you trap all the squirrels, relocate the animals as a group. Relocate the squirrels in a heavily forested area that is at least 10 miles from the property to prevent reinfestation. Local regulations may require taking the squirrels to a local organization, such as an animal rehabilitation center rather than releasing them into the wild. Permanently seal the entrances to the attic with 1/4-inch hardware cloth after releasing the squirrels.

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