How Do You Get Rid of Flour Mites?

Get rid of any food with mites in it, clean out the entire cupboard and wipe down the cupboards with vinegar. It may be necessary to repeat the cleaning out process a few times to completely remove the flour mites.

Flour mites, also known as grain weevils, depend on wheat grain for their life cycle. These creatures lay their eggs in the grain and the larvae eat it after hatching, which is how they end up in the cupboards. Getting rid of an infestation means cleaning out everything.

  1. Get rid of food
  2. Clean all of the infested food out of the cupboard. Get rid of plastic bags and use only thick plastic, metal or glass jars to store food in.

  3. Wipe down cupboard
  4. Sweep any loose food and insects out of the cupboard. Spray or wipe down the cupboards with plenty of white vinegar. This will help kill bacteria and eggs.

  5. Remove sweepings from house
  6. Place the sweepings and infested food from the cupboard into plastic garbage bags and remove them from the house. Hopefully, there is a place to store them far away from the home until they can be picked up by the garbage truck.

  7. Prevent re-infestation
  8. Always check food for signs of weevils before purchase and only get as many grains as are needed for a few meals. Plus, put any grains in the freezer for a week to kill any potential eggs. Don't let old grains sit in the back of the cupboard.