How Do I Get Rid of Flies Outside?

Outdoor flies can be controlled with a pesticide methods that include cone traps and fly paper. Cone traps are filled with an attractant that draws flies in and traps them beneath the cone. Fly paper is coated with a sticky resin that attracts flies and renders them immobile. Cone traps should be placed outside of the home and away from windows. Fly paper can be placed inside outdoor trash cans.

Ultraviolet bug zapping devices are also effective in eradicating outdoor flies. Bug zappers utilize fluorescent light bulbs that naturally attract flies and other insects. As the flies are drawn to the light, they become trapped inside a wire mesh that surrounds the bulbs. The wire mesh is attached to a transformer that supplies a heavy shock of electricity to any insects that come in contact with the mesh.

Preventative measures that help to keep outdoor flies at bay include periodic cleaning of outdoor trash cans and proper maintenance of compost piles. Flies are also drawn to standing water, so it is important to keep outdoor areas as moisture-free as possible. Proper maintenance and regular sanitizing of outdoor dog houses and animal kennels can also help to minimize outdoor fly populations.