How Do You Get Rid of Fleas Naturally?


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Using a flea comb, bathing the pet regularly and keeping the pet's skin healthy are some of the natural ways to get rid of fleas. Regular washing of the pet's bedding helps to ensure fleas do not hide there. Supplements, including garlic, brewer's yeast and zinc help to make the pet less appealing to the flea.

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How Do You Get Rid of Fleas Naturally?
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Flea combs are finely toothed devices that help to remove live fleas and eggs from the pet's fur. Dipping the comb in water drowns the fleas to kill them without toxins. Bathing the dog regularly using a mild shampoo also helps to eliminate some of the fleas by drowning them. After bathing, spraying the pet with a mixture of lemon and water gives pets a fresh smell that also repels fleas.

Pets with unhealthy skin are more likely to attract fleas. The parasites have access to blood through sores and breaks in the skin due to health issues. Some pets require a dietary change to improve the condition of the skin. Limit the pet's access to environmental and food allergens that cause skin deterioration.

Mixing a small amount of brewer's yeast and garlic in the pet's diet helps to repel fleas. Giving it a chelated zinc supplement also helps to improve its resistance to the pests. While natural products sometimes take longer to work, they protect the pet's health in the end.

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