How Do You Get Rid of Fleas in Human Hair?

Upon finding the fleas, wash all clothing immediately in hot water and detergent and take a warm shower with plenty of soap. Most fleas only go after people when their preferred hosts, primarily pets, are not present.

When fleas get into the hair, they are relatively easy to remove with prompt action. The use of soap and water is an excellent way to quickly wash off or kill fleas in the hair. Soap can kill fleas by removing their waxy coating and clogging up their breathing tubes. It is important to pair these steps with treatment of fleas on pets and in the home.

  1. Remove clothing
  2. Take off all clothes and put them straight into the washing machine. A swift washing with the hottest water temperature possible can kill off any fleas that may be lingering in clothing. It is also a good idea to wash all clothing, bedding and even pet sweaters promptly rather than allowing them to sit in the laundry pile.

  3. Use soap and water on the hair
  4. The fastest ways to remove fleas from hair is to wash them out. Use warm water and lots of soap to clean hair and skin. The more soap or shampoo for this job, the better. Scrub thoroughly and wash the hair a second time.