How Do You Get Rid of Earwigs?

How Do You Get Rid of Earwigs?

Get rid of earwigs by drying out the soil, setting traps and using diatomaceous earth or insecticides. Help keep them away during the summer months when they thrive by dimming outdoor lighting.

  1. Dry out the soil

    Because earwigs love moisture, temporarily let your garden dry out a little. Clear mulch from earwig-rich areas to facilitate the drying, and clear away dark, moist hiding places such as wood piles and heaps of garden debris.

  2. Set traps

    Roll sections of newspaper into tubes, moisten them, and set them around the garden. Earwigs attracted to the moisture nestle inside. Throw out the newspaper rolls when they are full of earwigs. Cantaloupe, watermelon, orange and grapefruit rinds and peels attract earwigs as well. Shake the earwigs off of the rinds and peels into a bucket of warm soapy water. Dig a hole deep enough to sink a bucket inside. Fill it half-full of soapy water. Spread some vegetable oil under the rim as bait. The earwigs go for the oil, fall into the soapy water and drown.

  3. Use diatomaceous earth or insecticides

    As a last resort, sprinkle the garden with diatomaceous earth, which irritates and dehydrates the earwigs. Alternatively, spray the garden with insecticide in the evening.