How Do I Get Rid of Ducks?

There are a number of strategies for getting rid of ducks, including having them trapped by a professional or discouraging their presence by frightening them in some way. It is important to discourage the presence of ducks in residential areas, as they can cause property damage.

One of the easiest ways to keep ducks from landing near a small pond or backyard swimming pool is by placing numerous mirrors on the ground around the water source. These mirrors reflect the sunlight back up at the flying ducks, which makes it more difficult for them to land. Scarecrows or decoys that resemble duck predators – such as coyotes, foxes or cats – are frequently effective for dissuading the ducks from establishing residency in an area. However, such decoys must be moved regularly to remain effective. Live dogs are also very helpful for chasing away ducks. While dogs can be specifically trained to chase ducks, their mere presence often dissuades ducks from entering the area at all.

It is not easy for amateurs to trap ducks. Additionally, it is illegal in some areas to trap ducks without a license. Professional trappers often use large funnel-nets to catch more than one duck at a time. After trapping the ducks, the trappers may euthanize them or relocate them, depending on the local laws.