How do you get rid of deodorant stains?


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Remove deodorant stains by mixing meat tenderizer with water to form a paste, spreading the paste on the stain, allowing it to sit overnight and washing as usual. Many perspiration stains include proteins that the meat tenderizer breaks down, allowing the washing machine to remove them.

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  1. Make the paste

    Choose a meat tenderizer that does not include any additional seasonings. Mix enough of the tenderizer and water to form a sufficient amount of loose paste to cover the stain.

  2. Spread the paste

    Spread the paste across the stain, ensuring that it covers the outer edges of the problem area. Work it into the stain with your fingers.

  3. Let it sit overnight

    Leave the garment in a safe area where the paste can work overnight. The next morning, brush away any of the tenderizer that is loose on the shirt.

  4. Launder the garment

    Follow the manufacturer's care label to launder the garment. Once the wash cycle ends, make sure you have eliminated the stain before drying the garment.

  5. Use baking soda, if necessary

    For underarm stains that leave a yellow tint, mix a paste using baking soda, and apply in the same manner as the meat tenderizer paste after washing to remove the meat tenderizer. Once the baking soda dries, launder the garment.

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