How Do You Get Rid of Deer Flies?

How Do You Get Rid of Deer Flies?

Get rid of deer flies by applying a permethrin insecticide fogger to areas where they live, followed by eliminating possible breeding grounds for the larvae. You also need a face mask, protective clothing and latex gloves. Foggers are effective for a few hours.

  1. Purchase a permethrin fogger

    Purchase a fogger containing the chemical permethrin. Permethrin is only slightly toxic to humans and animals but kills deer flies on contact.

  2. Put on protective clothing

    Put on a long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves and shoes without open toes. Tie a face mask around your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling the fumes.

  3. Quarantine the area

    Secure the area to be sprayed from pets and people, as occasional instances of stomach or respiratory distress can occur. Do not set off the fogger near water, as it can harm fish and other aquatic animals.

  4. Set off the fogger

    Spray the fogger around the quarantined area when the wind is calm.

  5. Inspect the area for potential breeding grounds

    To prevent new deer flies from entering the area and breeding, inspect the area for leaf piles and rotting vegetation. Deer flies often lay their eggs in these areas, where the larvae eventually hatch and begin their journey to maturity.