How Do You Get Rid of Dead Rat Odor?

To get rid of dead rat odor, identify the source of the odor and remove any remaining dead rats. When rat carcasses are hidden inside walls, call a professional to break through the wall, remove any remains and repair the wall. If this option is too costly, wait for the hidden carcasses to decompose, which takes more than three weeks. Remove the decomposition odor with absorbent bags, air ionizers, professional disinfectants or commercial bio-enzymatic odor removers.

Use odor-absorbent bags when the location of the rodent carcass is known but can't be reached. These bags are effective when corpses are found inside pipes, chimneys and walls. Depending on the size of the affected room, place one bag or two bags above a crawlspace. Close the room, and wait between a few days and a week for the odor to disappear. Charcoal absorbent bags are effective odor removers but they don't work with dead rat odor.

Air ionizers purify air, removing unpleasant smells, microbes and allergens. Air ionizers effectively remove dead rat odor and clean the air of toxic particles resulting from decomposition.

Enzymatic odor eliminators, such as cat urine removers, eliminate dead rat odor effectively. These products remove stains and odors without causing any harm to animals or children and are found in most supermarkets.

The most effective dead rat odor removers are professional disinfectants such as acetic acids, chlorine and formalin. These substances are highly toxic and produce chemical burns. Using these disinfectants is complex and requires specialized safety equipment. Call a professional to remove dead rat odor with any of these disinfectants.

To prevent the recurrence of this problem, use electronic repellents to keep rats away.