How do I get rid of curry stains?


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Getting rid of curry stains is a simple process that takes about as long as it takes for a washing machine to run through a regular cycle. In order to get rid of curry stains in your fabrics, you need some glycerine, a washing machine, access to water and a container of bleach.

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  1. Rub the fabric with glycerine

    Use your hands to rub glycerine on the stain. Make sure you cover the entire stain with the glycerine, and attempt to create an even layer of it across the curry. Give this solution several minutes to sit before moving on to the next steps.

  2. Rinse the fabric

    Rinse the fabric by hand using cool water, and focus primarily on the area with the curry stains. Try to get rid of any excess glycerine on the fabric.

  3. Run the clothing through a regular bleach wash cycle

    Set your washing machine to its hottest water settings. Pour some bleach into the machine before beginning a normal hot washing cycle. Chlorine bleach is the most effective at getting rid of curry stains on fabric. Add the fabric to the washing machine, and let it complete its normal cycle. Dry the fabric as you normally would.

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