How Do You Get Rid of Crickets?


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One method of getting rid of crickets is to place cornmeal in the middle of a glue board to attract crickets to the board for disposal, states About.com. The cricket gets stuck as it attempts to walk across the glue. It may take several days to attract the cricket.

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How Do You Get Rid of Crickets?
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Baits or traps generally work best for small cricket infestations, though larger cricket infestations may require insecticide. Large cricket infestations in the home are rare since crickets prefer to live outdoors, claims About.com. Crickets may be drawn indoors during inclement weather or may accidentally hop inside and get trapped once a door or window is closed. Place bait close to the location of the cricket's chirp for quicker capture and removal.

Prevent the necessity of disposing of crickets by caulking any cracks or gaps in doors or windows, suggests About.com. Keep grass and other debris away from the foundation of the home, and keep the home tidy to remove potential hiding places. Avoid white or mercury-vapor lights mounted on the outside of the home, since these lights attract crickets. Yellow sodium-vapor lighting mounted on poles is a better option, since the crickets are attracted to the poles instead of the walls of the home.

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