How Do You Get Rid of Creeping Charlie?


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Permanently ridding your yard of creeping Charlie involves applying a dicamba-based herbicide in early autumn when the growth of this plant is most vigorous. It can also be kept in check by providing the yard and garden area with as much exposure to the sun as possible.

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Unlike many other broadleaf weeds, creeping Charlie doesn't die off in winter, but it does grow less vigorously as the cold season progresses. Well-timed applications of a herbicide containing dicamba in the early part of the fall weakens the plant to the extent that it perishes during the winter.

Creeping Charlie can also be killed by pulling the weed out by hand. This is best done following a rainstorm or after the area has been well-watered, which makes root removal easier.

Since creeping Charlie thrives in moist, shaded conditions, keeping trees and shrubs well-pruned keeps it from spreading.

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