How Do You Get Rid of Creeping Bent Grass?

Creeping bent grass, often used on golf greens, is highly invasive in lawns. It reproduces from pieces of grass deposited from lawn mowers and seeds, which travel in irrigation water or as impurities in lawn grass seed. Eradication requires use of a non-selective herbicide and replanting.

  1. Locate patches of creeping bent grass

    The grass is a fine-bladed grass that grows close to the ground. It has long runners that produce new roots in the ground. The leaves on the grass are narrow and flat.

  2. Kill the grass

    Wait until the grass is actively growing. Treat the grass using a non-selective herbicide containing glyphosate. Treat an area extending at least 6 inches beyond the perimeter of the bent grass. Avoid use of this herbicide around ornamental shrubs or trees as it has the potential to kill them as well.

  3. Remove the dead grass

    Use a rake to remove the grass once it is dead.

  4. Plant new grass

    Reseed the area to re-establish the lawn.

  5. Prevent the return of creeping bent grass

    Creeping bent grass is most likely to invade lawns that are overwatered and cut short. Irrigate deeply on a less frequent basis to encourage deep root growth of the lawn. Cut the grass to 2 1/2 inches. Avoid overfeeding.