How Do You Get Rid of Crazy Ants in Your House?


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To get rid of crazy ants, first find out where they enter your house and the location of their colony. Use Cynoff WP or Demon WP Insecticide on outdoor colonies, and treat the indoor colonies using Delta Dust Insecticide and a hand duster.

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To achieve better results, apply insecticides not only on the colonies, but on any places where you've seen ants, such as trails, entry points and hiding places. It is effective to use a fan spray to treat the area outside the house. Make sure that the spray is 3 feet or higher on the side of the building and 3 to 6 feet out on the ground. Generously dust areas underneath baseboards and inside cracks and crevices inside the house with insecticide as well.

Using baits is not very effective when dealing with crazy ants; however, this option is suitable in situations when using insecticides is impossible. For better results, use several types of bait at the same time in case ants decide to change their food sources. Always read the manufacturer's instructions and safety information about baits before placing them in the house. To prevent ants from developing new colonies, clean the house regularly, make sure that there are no crumbs or spills that ants can use as food sources, and repair all the cracks and gaps in window and door frames, house foundation and baseboards.

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