How Do You Get Rid of Coyotes?


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To get rid of coyotes, remove any possible food sources. This entails not feeding pets outside at night, keeping trash locked away, and eliminating any rodent problems. It is also important to keep a clean yard, as this gives coyotes fewer places to hide.

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Making loud noises by shouting, whistling, using an air horn, or even repeatedly opening and closing an umbrella sometimes scares coyotes away, but you must be persistent. Motion-activated lighting, radios and sprinklers may also help. It's also possible to chase them away by spraying them with a hose, throwing small rocks at them, or by using pepper spray.

If a coyote den is found, it should be treated with homemade or commercial repellent. Options such as a mixture of chili peppers and onions and rags soaked in ammonia discourage coyotes from continuing to use the den. Always use caution when approaching the den, and make sure to use a long handle when placing things in or around it.

If coyotes continue to present a problem, the only other solution is usually to trap and then euthanize them. Depending on local regulations, this can possibly be done by the individual, or it may be necessary to hire a professional pest removal company.

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