How Do You Get Rid of Common House Centipedes?


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Eliminating their food sources, sealing entry routes to the house, and reducing moisture are some ways to get rid of common house centipedes. Insecticides may also help, but it is best to discourage infestation whenever possible.

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Centipedes are predatory insects that prey on soft-bodied creatures, such as bed bugs, termites, spiders and worms. Eliminating these food sources is an essential step in controlling these insects. Although centipedes are generally non-invasive and can help household owners in reducing other pests, they can bite, which can cause numbness, discoloration, inflammation and severe pain.

Centipedes are nocturnal creatures. During the daytime, they prefer dark, warm and moist hiding places where they have access to their prey. They may also enter from cracks and crevices in the exterior foundation around ground-level windows and doors. To discourage centipedes from inhabiting these areas and entering the house, clean these spaces and seal any routes that they can take. Perform the cleaning during summer and spring because centipedes usually lay eggs during those seasons.

Centipedes are associated with damp conditions and thrive in moist places, such as bathroom ceilings and baseboards. Keep these places properly ventilated or air them out periodically. Using a dehumidifier in damp areas to reduce humidity inside the house can also help reduce moisture and the number of centipedes around the house.

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