How Do You Get Rid of Clothes Moths?


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The best way to get rid of clothes moths is to keep clothing clean. The larvae of clothes moths are attracted to clothes that are somewhat dirty or not often worn. Clothing hidden away in closets is particularly vulnerable to damage from clothes moths, since clothes moth caterpillars prefer darkness.

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How Do You Get Rid of Clothes Moths?
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Another way to get rid of clothes most is through regular vacuuming. The eggs and caterpillars often hide in the pile of carpets, and vacuuming them up clearly cuts down on clothes moth damage.

Deter moths by laundering clothing before putting them away for winter or summer storage. It also helps to take dry-clean-only clothing outside on a sunny day to brush them. Afterwards, store wool clothing in plastic boxes or reclosable plastic bags that are hard for the moths to access.

Some people store their clothes with cedar, which has oils that kill clothes moths’ larvae, but its effectiveness is limited. Lavender repels moths and has a pleasing fragrance, but it does not kill moths or larvae. Mint, cloves, thyme and rosemary are also good repellents.

Mothballs are effective, but they have chemicals that are toxic to people and pets. Because of their toxicity, use mothballs in containers that close tightly, and only place them in areas where there is little traffic.

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