How Do You Get Rid of Cigarette Burn Marks on Fabric?

rid-cigarette-burn-marks-fabric Credit: SuperFantastic/CC-BY 2.0

Remove cigarette burns from fabric by soaking the spot in hydrogen peroxide. After soaking, place a clean cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide over the stain, and use an iron to heat the cloth in order to lift the stain with steam.

If the hydrogen peroxide treatment process does not remove the stain, it improves the look of the garment. Tobacco burn marks consist of nicotine stains and heat damage to the fabric. Light stains are usually just nicotine, which is removable from washable fabrics; however, if heat has damaged the fabric, stain removal is not always possible.

Heat damage is common with wool, silk and some synthetics. Before attempting any stain removal, test the product in an inconspicuous spot.