How Do You Get Rid of Chipmunks According to Experts?

To get rid of chipmunks, experts recommend using small cage-type traps to capture them. Once captured, relocate the animals to another area away from the capture site. Alternatively, if the animals are getting into buildings or other structures, use exclusion methods to keep them outside.

Chipmunks often cause problems by digging in lawns and flower beds, eating flower bulbs and destroying grass. They also burrow near sidewalks and rock walls, causing damage. Getting rid of chipmunks humanely requires trapping or excluding them by the following method.

  1. Purchase traps
  2. Purchase suitable traps that are designed for trapping and caging small animals such as chipmunks, rats and squirrels. An appropriate size is around 5x5x14 inches.

  3. Set the traps
  4. Use peanut butter, whole peanuts or seeds to bait the traps and lure the animals inside. Place the traps where chipmunk activity is observed. Although the trapped animal shouldn't be caged for more than a few hours, set the traps in a shady area to keep the chipmunk comfortable until then.

  5. Rehome the animal
  6. Take the chipmunk at least 5 miles from the capture site. Release the chipmunk into the wild per any county or local ordinances.

If chipmunks are not causing problems, consider leaving them alone. Avoid poisoning the animals, as this is illegal in many areas of the country and poses a risk to other wildlife.