How Do You Get Rid of Bumble Bees?

To get rid of bumblebees, put on protective clothing, spray above-ground nests with liquid pesticide and treat subterranean nests with bellows-blown pesticide dust. This one-hour process must be performed at night. It requires protective clothing, a beekeeping veil, flashlights, aerosol pesticide, pesticide dust and a pest-control duster.

  1. Put on protective clothing

    Put on long pants, tall boots, a long-sleeve shirt with a high collar, thick gloves and a beekeeping veil.

  2. Set up the lights

    Illuminate one of the above-ground nests with two flashlights. Set the lights several yards away from the nest.

  3. Apply aerosol pesticide to above-ground nests

    Douse the nest in an aerosol pesticide that targets bumblebees. Repeat with the other above-ground nests.

  4. Apply pesticide dust to subterranean nests

    Position the flashlights so they illuminate the entrance to one of the underground nests. Fill a pest-control duster with pesticide dust, insert the nozzle into the bumblebee nest and squeeze the bulb repeatedly until it is empty. Repeat this process with the other underground nests, gather the flashlights and leave the area.

  5. Monitor the nests

    Watch the nests for two weeks. If some bumblebees remain, apply a second dose of pesticide, and monitor the nests for two more weeks. Apply additional pesticide at two-week intervals until the bees disappear.