How Do You Get Rid of Blackberry Bushes?

How Do You Get Rid of Blackberry Bushes?

To remove blackberry bushes, trim the above-ground growth, remove the root ball and till the soil. Additionally, commercial sprays can help eradicate these invasive plants.

  1. Trim above-ground growth

    Wear gloves and heavy clothes with long sleeves as protection from the blackberry thorns. Use long-handled lopping shears to cut back blackberry growth. Bundle the plant material in a tarp, and dispose of it. Blackberries can propagate from a small piece of stem left on the site.

  2. Remove the root ball

    Use a shovel to dig out the root ball of each plant. Even though all the rhizomes may not be removed, this step makes tilling the soil easier.

  3. Till the soil

    Use a garden tiller to till the soil repeatedly. Each time the soil is turned, any remaining blackberry plants must expend more energy to start growing again.

  4. Treat the plot

    As blackberries are persistent, the use of commercially available sprays may be considered. When applied to new growth of blackberry plants, these are effective at controlling the plant. In addition to the herbicides glyphosate or triclopyr, an organic vinegar spray is available. This spray, a byproduct of winemaking, is much more concentrated than the vinegar used in the home, and it lowers the soil pH to eliminate growth.