How Do You Get Rid of Black Mold?


To get rid of black mold, cover the vents in the affected rooms, open the windows, scrub the mold with detergent and bleach, and clean the furniture thoroughly. This eight-hour project requires tape, plastic sheets, a bucket, water, detergent, bleach, rubber gloves, fabric cleaner, all-purpose hard surface cleaner, safety goggles, a sponge and a particle mask.

  1. Prepare the affected rooms

    Put on rubber gloves and a particle mask. Open the windows in the affected rooms, and tape plastic sheets over the air vents. Transfer the furniture to a mold-free room.

  2. Mix the detergent solution

    Fill a bucket with hot water, and add 1 cup borate-based detergent. Put on safety goggles, dip a large sponge in the solution, and scrub the mold vigorously. Pour out the soapy water, rinse the sponge, and let the area air-dry.

  3. Bleach the moldy surfaces

    Mix 1 gallon of water with 1/4 cup bleach, and wash the moldy surfaces. Let them dry, bleach them again, and wait for the bleach to dry. Bleach the surfaces two or three more times, giving them time to dry before each application.

  4. Perform the final wash

    Rinse out the bucket and the sponge, then mix 1 cup borate-based detergent with 1 gallon of water. Scrub the affected surfaces, and let them dry.

  5. Clean the furniture

    Return the furniture to the treated rooms. Wash the hard surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, and blot the fabric areas with a textile cleaner. When the furniture dries, uncover the air vents, and close the windows.