How Do You Get Rid of Biting Midges?

To get rid of biting midges, don't water the plants in your house and garden too often. The soil needs to dry in between waterings, as the larvae of biting midges live in damp soil. Once the soil dries out completely, the larvae die. If you see biting midges in the house, kill them with a fly swatter, or suck them into a vacuum cleaner. These insects can often be visible on windows or screens.

Installing screens on doors and windows can prevent biting midges from getting inside the house. However, be sure to use fine-weave fiberglass screening, as biting midges are smaller than most other flying pests are. You can also install a screen on the patio for additional protection. If there are many biting midges outside the house, pour 1/4 cup of dish soap and 1 cup of brown apple cider vinegar into a bowl, and mix the fluids together. Set the bowl in the infested area, and leave it there until most of the bugs fall into the bowl.

You can also use this mixture in the house; however, it is better to pour 1 inch of vinegar into a glass and add several drops of dish soap to it. You can use several glasses with this bait to get rid or midges in several rooms. You can also wipe wooden surfaces in the house with pine oil to deter midges or soak several cloths in it and place them around your home.