How Do You Get Rid of Birds in an Attic?


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Pigeons and other birds can be deterred by using electric strips, bird netting or bird spikes installed in the area where the birds roost. Closing entryways used by the birds, installing decoys and traps may also be effective when combined with other methods.

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Identifying the type of bird living in the attic is helpful when determining which removal techniques should be used. For instance, Wildlife Animal Control states that pigeons are not affected by decoys but can be deterred by installing electric strips near landing sites and roosting areas. Solar powered electric strips and those that plug into a conventional outlet are options to choose from.

Bird spikes are used to deter pigeons and other species of large birds. Install the spikes along eaves and other areas where the birds land. Bird wire or bird netting may also be installed along the perimeter of the attic to keep birds out.

If birds are landing on the roof or flying directly into the attic, blocking entrances to the attic is necessary. Ensure that nests and any eggs are removed after closing openings in the attic. Decoys work more effectively when combined with other methods, such as bird spikes, and when the decoy is moved on a regular basis.

Some species of birds are protected and may not be removed or deterred without a permit. Contact the local Game and Fish Commission to determine whether the species in the home is protected before removal.

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