How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites on a Person?


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To get rid of bird mites on a person, a very thorough bodily cleansing is needed with the use of products containing coal tar, vinegar, and/or Tea Tree Oil. It is important to note that removing the mites from the environment is essential in order to prevent re-infestation, explains BirdMites.org.

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The removal of an infestation of bird mites is multi-faceted. All area of the environment must be treated and preventative measures taken to ensure that they do not re-infest. This includes clothing. Once that is taken care of a thorough shower can remove bird mites from the body. Denorex “Therapeutic Strength” Shampoo can be used as a Body Wash as well as a shampoo, suggests BirdMites.org. This contains Coal Tar, which is effective in treating bird mites. Another option is Coal Tar Soap, which may be available at Health Food stores. A saline rinse for the nostrils will help remove mites from the nasal passages. Following implementing treatment of the environment and a thorough body cleanse, an anti-itch medication (Lanacane "Maximum Strength) may be used for comforting irritated skin.

Additionally, prevention methods can be put in place for preventing a repeat bodily infestation, such as wearing ear plugs and covering your hair while sleeping, explains BirdMites.org.

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