How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites?

How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites?

To get rid of bird mites in your home, remove the source of the mites, including birds nests and affected pets. Clean and treat the area, and make the necessary repairs to prevent infestation.

  1. Eliminate the source

    Find and remove any bird nests in and near your home. Use gloves and a mask to avoid transferring the mites and infections they may carry. Look for nests on window ledges and around eaves and porches. Check roof spaces, chimneys, wall cavities, foundations and basements as well.

  2. Prevent further nesting

    Repair any cracks or broken tiles and block any openings in eaves or roof cavities to discourage further nesting.

  3. Examine household animals

    Consult a veterinarian to check any chickens, exotic birds or gerbils for signs of bird mites. To check your pet bird, cover its cage with a white sheet at night. Look at the sheet in the morning for white or black specks.

  4. Clean and protect the affected area

    Clean floors, walls and ceiling using miticide. Put zippered vinyl protectors on mattresses, pillows and box springs to help prevent infestation.

  5. Treat with insecticide

    Treat the area affected by bird mites with an approved insecticide powder or surface spray. If the nesting area is too large or hard to get to, you may need to consult a pest treatment company.