How Do You Get Rid of Bentgrass?


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Get rid of bentgrass by spraying your lawn with a herbicide that contains glyphosate. Because glyphosate is non-selective, it kills bentgrass, other grasses and plants it comes in contact with; hence, it is important to follow instructions on the label. To completely get rid of bentgrass and its extensive underground creeping stems and roots, spray glyphosate about a foot beyond the visible bentgrass clumps, and soak the leaves completely.

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Glyphosate is very effective when applied to actively growing bentgrass, such as in the spring. Getting rid of it in the spring stops large growths and arrests its invasion of the rest of the lawn. After application, allow one to two weeks for the herbicide to break down the bentgrass before reseeding or re-sodding. Homeowners may also opt to dig out isolated clumps of bentgrass, but they have to make sure to remove all the roots completely or the bentgrass comes back again. For heavily infested lawns, removing by hand does not get rid of the bentgrass, and the herbicide solution is more practical.

Creeping bentgrass is a common and highly invasive grass species, and it can quickly infiltrate and destroy a lawn. It is planted in golf courses because it is hardy, grows quickly and can withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent mowing. To keep bentgrass at bay and maintain a healthy lawn, homeowners can cut their grass to at least three inches tall to grow healthier grass that naturally crowds out bentgrass and weeds. Watering infrequently but deeply also helps.

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