How Do You Get Rid of Bees and Mud Wasps?

To get rid of bees and mud wasps, kill them, remove their nests so that they can't return and make the area undesirable to them. Take precautions to prevent stings while killing insects and removing their nests.

  1. Kill bees and wasps

    Use a wasp spray to kill the flying pests. Following the directions on the label, spray the insecticide directly into the nest. Bees and wasps are less active at night and in cooler weather, so try to spray the nests at those times to prevent swarms and stings.

  2. Remove the nest

    Make sure the bees and wasps are dead, then remove the nest. Use a broom to knock it down, spray it with a water hose, or scrape it off the house or tree. Leaving the nest intact invites other bees, wasps or bugs to use it as a new home.

  3. Make the area undesirable for bees and wasps

    Make the yard undesirable to insects to avoid attracting them to the yard. Plants flowers away from the home. Don't leave food out where bees and wasps can find it. Keep trash cans covered with tight-fitting lids. Seal cracks or crevices to prevent the bees or wasps from entering garages or attics and building nests.