How Do You Get Rid of Beehives?


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To get rid of a beehive inside a wall, drill holes around the hive, apply insecticide, open the wall, remove the hive, and wash the wall. The supplies you need include a drinking glass, a drill, a dry insecticide sprayer, insecticide, a saw, gloves, a scraper, water and detergent.

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  1. Drill holes around the hive

    Place a drinking glass on the wall with the bottom facing you. Press your ear to the glass, and listen for a buzzing sound. Walk along the wall until you locate the source of the buzzing sound, and drill several holes in that area.

  2. Apply insecticide

    Load a dry insecticide sprayer with a product designed to kill bees. Stick the sprayer nozzle through the holes, and blow the insecticide over and around the hive. Wait several days, and then listen for buzzing. Apply additional insecticide until all of the bees are dead.

  3. Remove the hive

    Open the wall, and pull out the beehive. Remove the dead bees. Use a scraper to remove any honey, wax and other residue.

  4. Wash the area

    Scrub the wall with water and detergent. Let it air dry, and then inspect the space. Remove all traces of hive activity so the bees do not return.

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