How Do You Get Rid of Beavers?


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Get rid of beavers by making the area undesirable for the rodents. While shooting beavers and trapping, either by live or lethal traps, do eliminate the problem, those practices are either illegal in some areas or have limited seasons. Always check local laws before killing or relocating beavers.

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  1. Install fences

    Prevent beavers from gnawing down trees by installing fences around the trees. A tall, woven-wire fence placed around the trunks of trees make the trees off limits to the short animals. This practice may cause the beavers to seek trees and a better home elsewhere.

  2. Use repellents

    Make chewing trees an unpleasant experience for beavers. Pest control, landscape and farm and garden stores sell beaver repellents. Make a homemade repellent by combining a can of white, latex indoor paint and 5 cups or coarse sand in a 5-gallon bucket. Mix thoroughly, then apply to tree trunks with a paintbrush. Reapply often, especially after rain.

  3. Reduce water levels

    Purchase or make a water-leveling device to remove water from the beaver's pond. The devices reduce the amount of water in the den as well, making it inhospitable for the beavers. The pest may move on down the stream to find a better locale for the den.

  4. Find a professional trapper

    To avoid legal action by state wildlife officials, find a professional, licensed trapper to remove and relocate problematic beavers. In some areas, animal control departments may be able to safely and humanely remove the beavers. Remember that trapping out of season or without a license may lead to fines or even jail time.

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