How Do I Get Rid of Bats in My Attic?

How Do I Get Rid of Bats in My Attic?

To get rid of bats in your attic, first inspect for bats and observe their activity, and then seal all but one or two main entrances. Make these one-way entrances. When all bats leave, seal the main entrances. This should not be done during the summer to avoid trapping babies.

  1. Inspect for bats

    Watch the outside of your house for bat activity at dusk. Bats typically leave the house from one hour before dusk up to one hour after it gets dark. Search your attic for dead bats or bat droppings.

  2. Observe bat activity

    Once you have determined the presence of bats, observe their activity to determine when they come and go and by what means they enter and exit.

  3. Seal most entrances

    Seal all but one or two of the entrances the bats use most often. Use wire mesh and netting, or when it is practical, seal the opening permanently.

  4. Wait and observe

    Wait and observe the activity of the bats. After three or four days, use netting and a funnel to create one-way exits over the remaining entrances and openings.

  5. Seal remaining entrances

    After all the bats have evacuated, install more permanent seals where you used one-way exits to prevent any bats from returning.