How Do You Get Rid of Bahia Grass?


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Control and eliminate Bahia grass using cultural methods to prevent it from growing, as well as pre-emergent and post-emergent chemical herbicides to kill it. Gardening Know How recommends pulling Bahia grass from garden beds to remove it, being sure to remove all its rhizomes to prevent its re-growth. Keep lawns cut consistently to prevent the formation of seed heads that spread the nuisance grass across a lawn.

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Bahia grass does not thrive in nitrogen-rich soils, making annual fertilization and consistent watering good methods to control the growth of Bahia grass. To smother the grass from a garden bed or open area, cover it with multiple layers of newspaper topped with a thick layer of mulch.

Gardening Know How suggests using herbicides containing Glyphosate for spot-spraying to control the grass in garden beds, or products containing Atrazine to kill the grass in a lawn. Use products containing Imazaquin to kill Bahia grass in all areas, except those where food is grown. With most herbicides, reapplication is necessary to completely eradicate the grass from garden beds or lawns. Apply post-emergent products, such as MSMA, three times over the course of seven to ten days to kill the grass. Begin applying post-emergent products as soon as the grass begins to green after winter.

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