How Do You Get Rid of Asian Lady Beetles?


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To get rid of Asian lady beetles, place a nylon stocking between a vacuum hose and head, and use the vacuum to collect the beetles. Discard the beetles after vacuuming them. Alternately, make a light trap by placing a light fixture inside a funnel, and direct the funnel into a container to collect the insects. Discard or release the collected beetles. Collect lady beetles and release them in spring to help control garden pests.

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If a vacuum isn't available, sweep the lady beetles up, and place the insects outdoors or discard them. Use a long-handled vacuum extension to remove insects in corners and other hard-to-reach areas. When using a light trap, opt for a black or incandescent light bulb.

To eliminate large or severe infestations of Asian lady beetles, seal the home with caulking, and spray the exterior of the home with pyrethroid-based insecticide according to the directions on the product packaging. For long-term beetle control, plant trees on the southern and western sides of the home to eliminate the sunny environment that attracts the insects.

Another option is to collect the insects in a glass jar that contains several apple peels. Cover the jar with a damp paper towel. Replace the apple peels and paper towel as needed until temperatures rise in spring. Release the beetles in the garden.

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