How Do You Get Rid of Asian Beetles?


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To get rid of Asian beetles, seal all cracks and gaps in the home and sweep the bugs outside when they are visible. The beetles don’t bite or harm people, so gently removing them is often the best course of action.

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Asian beetles, often called ladybugs, are usually only a problem outside of a home. However, they might migrate indoors during the cold months and leave on their own when it gets warm again. Prevent more beetles from coming into your home by looking for cracks, gaps and holes and sealing them. Look for any method the bugs would use to get in and try to eliminate them. This includes checking around windows and doors, siding and chimneys. Look at window and door screens and repair any holes or tears.

For bugs that are already in the home, use a broom to sweep them outside. If you have alreay sealed up any cracks, they should not be able to find a way back in. You can also sweep the bugs into a dustpan and place them outside. Light traps are another good way to trap them if they are in a basement or attic, making it more difficult to capture them. A HEPA filter vacuum is good when vacuuming the home, as you can empty it along with any bugs trapped inside.

Outdoors, apply an insecticide around the perimeter of your home to keep them away.

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