How Do You Get Rid of Armadillos?


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To get rid of armadillos, place something smelly in the areas that need protecting. Examples of things armadillos don't like include mothballs, pine needles and pine mulch. If an armadillo has burrowed in a yard or garden, place something like a rag soaked with ammonia or vinegar in its hole to drive it out.

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How Do You Get Rid of Armadillos?
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Armadillos usually don't pose a problem to homeowners, but occasionally, they find a spot they love and won't leave without a little help. The biggest problem occurs when an armadillo burrows itself under the foundation of a house. This makes them difficult to get rid of. The safest and easiest way to remove an armadillo in this instance is to install a trap door that allows the armadillo to leave, but won't let it back in. Combine a trap door with either mothballs or an ammonia-soaked rag for the maximum effect.

Some people prefer trapping an armadillo to remove it from the property. There are humane cages called live traps that will do all the work. Since armadillos are most active late at night or early in the morning, setting a trap out during one of these times will provide the best results. Armadillos love eating fresh fruit and earthworms, so these foods will work best. Once trapped, the armadillo can be released in an area away from the home.

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