How Do You Get Rid of Ants With Wings Inside the House?

To get rid of ants with wings inside the house, find the source of the infestation, set up bait and seal any cracks and points of entry into the home. To prevent ants from returning, dispose of food waste quickly and keep foods in airtight containers.

Run through the following steps to eliminate flying ants from the home.

  1. Find the nest
  2. Do a careful inspection of the entire interior of the house, focusing on cracks and corners. Ants tend to like damp areas, so pay careful attention to attics, sinks, bathrooms and plumbing. An easy way to find a nest is to follow flying ants until they return to a nest.

  3. Kill wandering ants
  4. Kill the ants wandering around the house with bug spray, boiling water, boric acid or baking soda.

  5. Kill the source
  6. To kill a large number of ants at the source, set up a gel ant bait. This type of bait entices ants to take the poison back to the nest, letting it spread throughout the colony.

  7. Seal off cracks
  8. Seal off entry points into the home such as cracks and broken seals in windows or around doors to keep ants from returning.

  9. Prevent future infestations
  10. To discourage winged ants from coming into the home, throw food waste away regularly. Keep kitchen counters thoroughly clean and seal food away in containers for storage.