How Do I Get Rid of an Ant Infestation?


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Commercial pesticides, bait systems and diatomaceous earth are used to eliminate ant infestations. Locating the ant's nest allows homeowners to treat the source of the infestation directly.

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Follow foraging ants to locate the nest, and treat the nest with a chemical insecticide. To encourage foraging, place a small amount of food, such as sugar, in an area where ants are visible. After treating the nest, monitor the ant's activity levels. Reapply the insecticide as needed until the ants are no longer active. If the nest is located inside the home, remove all food sources, and install an ant bait system near the nest. Allow the baits several weeks to eliminate the colony.

Some ants, such as carpenter ants, are most active at night. Look for small piles of sawdust around the home's foundation to locate a nest of carpenter ants. After locating the nest, treat the affected wood by spraying a powder insecticide directly into the ant's tunnels. If the nest cannot be located, apply a spray insecticide the exterior of the home and around areas where the ants are may be entering the home.

To prevent ants from entering the home, wash entrances with soapy water to remove the pheromone trail left by foraging ants. To treat an ant infestation inside the home without the use of insecticides, apply food-grade diatomaceous earth to the affected areas of the home.

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