How Do You Get Rid of Ant Hills?


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To get rid of ant hills, pour a tobacco tincture on the anthills, soak them with boiling water, and mask the scent with boric acid and sugar. Commercial ant baits or insecticides may be necessary for major infestations.

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  1. Use a tobacco tea

    Place a hand full of tobacco in a jar of water, and let it sit overnight. Strain the tincture, and dispose of the wet tobacco. Wearing gloves, thoroughly soak the anthills with the tobacco tea.

  2. Pour boiling water on the hills

    Heat up a pot of water until it boils. Carefully pour the boiling water on ant hills to kill the ants.

  3. Mask the scent

    Mix sugar with roughly 10 percent boric acid, and surround the anthill with it. Cover any paths the ants walk on to mask their scent. For the next three days, add more of the mixture, using more boric acid each time. The final mixture should contain equal parts of boric acid and sugar.

  4. Put bait stations in the yard

    Place commercial ant bait stations strategically throughout the infested area. Switch them out regularly.

  5. Use insecticide

    Spray the infested area with commercial insecticide according to the manufacturer's directions. If you're spraying a yard, mow the grass first, and spray when ants are most active, which is in the morning or early evening.

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