How Do You Get Rid of Algae in a Salt Water Pool?


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The easiest way to remove algae from a saltwater pool is to shock the pool. Whether or not algae is present, the pool should be shock treated each week. Shock treatments are not the same as super chlorinating treatments.

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  1. Begin by balancing the water
  2. A well-balanced pool will take the shock treatment much better than one in which the pH is off. Balance the pH level of the pool before beginning the shock treatment.

  3. Scrub the pool
  4. Using a pool brush, thoroughly scrub the walls and the floor of the pool. Pay special attention to cracks and corners and loosen as much algae as possible.
  5. Add the shock treatment
  6. Use 3 pounds of shock treatment for pools containing 10,000 gallons or less. Follow the manufacturer's directions for best results.

  7. Follow up with a super chlorinating treatment
  8. Although a super chlorinator will not remove algae, it will keep it from building up in the first place. Be sure to use a super chlorinator every week.

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