What Are the Riccar Vacuum Ratings Compared to Other Vacuums?


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Riccar vacuums are generally rated a tier below the Miele, Sebo and Dyson full-size upright vacuums. User reviews typically state that Riccar upright vacuums have solid cleaning performance, though not better than other competitive brands; have a higher-pitched running volume; and carry a shorter warranty than its competitors.

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A standard American-made Riccar vacuum is missing many features that other brands in the same price range have. For example, the Riccar Vibrance Deluxe R20D is a bagged upright vacuum comparable to many Miele, Sebo and Dyson full-sized upright vacuums. According to a November 2015 article on TheSweetHome.com, the R20D has a more inferior cleaning performance than its competitors, because of its cleaning head. It only has a brush roll toggle instead of a height adjustment, and the non-functional space around the intake and brush roller channel is large and not aerodynamic, making debris less likely to be pulled from the edge of the head into the intake and bag.

Also, although the R20D vacuum has a hose, it has very poor side suction, making cleaning around baseboards difficult. In a test comparison with similarly priced Miele, Sebo,and Dyson full-sized vacuums, the R20D takes more passes than any other brand to completely pick up cat litter off a textured, medium-pile plush rug. The R20D is heavier than Miele vacuums and runs at the same volume, but with a higher-pitched whine. Additionally, the Riccar vacuum only has a four-year warranty, shorter than the warranties of the Miele, Sebo, or Dyson.

The plus side of Riccar vacuums is that they are almost indestructible, difficult to clog, and simple to repair.

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