How Does a Rheem Gas Furnace Operate?


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Rheem offers a wide range of furnaces that burn natural gas to generate heated air, which can be blown through the structure. The company manufacturers both single-stage furnaces and furnaces that provide different operating modes, which provide better efficiency.

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Natural gas is the most efficient fuel for powering furnaces. By precisely mixing natural gas and air, Rheem furnaces can harvest nearly all the energy in natural gas and convert it to heat. Through this efficient combustion process, the furnaces produce only trace amount of carbon monoxide and other chemicals that must be vented away.

Single-stage furnaces, which are the most popular kind, offer one operating mode that runs regardless of conditions outside of the structure. During cold weather, this mode operates efficiently. In more moderate weather, however, the furnace switches off more often. Since furnaces are more effective during longer cycles, Rheem also offers furnaces that have two or more stages, allowing users to adjust their heating to the weather.

While furnaces provide far more efficient heating than fireplaces and stoves, boilers typically provide even better efficiency. Boilers also excel at sending heat over long distances, so their efficiency improves in larger structures. While they cost more to install, people looking to heat large buildings may find the superior efficiency of boilers makes the larger investment worthwhile.

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