What Is a Reznor Heater?

What Is a Reznor Heater?

Reznor is a company that produces a range of industrial heaters. As of February 2015, their product line includes unit heaters, duct furnaces, direct-fire systems, gas-infrared and electric-heat systems.

Unit heaters are mounted on walls near a ceiling and do not require a duct system. They are usually used in large open areas, such as warehouses. Reznor currently produces 11 different types of unit heaters.

Reznor's air handlers are mounted on a rooftop or pad, and are also suited to large, open areas. They are preferred in settings where moisture needs to be kept very low. Reznor currently produces 23 different models. Direct-fired systems are also roof-mounted and intended for large warehouses, but do not cut down on moisture.

Duct furnaces are gas-fired space heaters that are installed in ductwork systems. Reznor currently produces five of these.

Reznor produces one green-energy system that recycles waste oil for use as heat.

Reznor's electric-heat systems are only available in North America. They are well-suited for areas with no existing gas service or for factories that have explosion hazards. Reznor produces 14 different types of electric heaters.

The company also makes heated-air curtains for doors that use gas, electricity, hot water or steam.