How Do You Rewire a Lamp?


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To rewire a lamp, remove the lamp, cover and socket, then remove the old cords and fix the new ones. Use a folded towel, a screw driver, electrical tape, wire cutters, strippers and a new lamp cord to accomplish this task.

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  1. Unplug the lamp, and remove the covering

    Switch off the power to the lamp. Unplug the lamp, and remove its shade, harp and bulb. With the folded towel beneath it, turn the lamp on its side, and peel back the felt covering the base.

  2. Loosen the screw

    Turn the lamp right side up, and use a screw driver to loosen the base screw if there is one. If necessary, take out the knob to unscrew the socket.

  3. Remove the socket

    Pull the socket up about 6 inches above the lamp. Using wire cutters, cut the cord where it emerges from the bottom of the socket, and remove the socket.

  4. Splice the cords

    Using a stripper, strip the ends of the new and old cords, and splice them together. Wrap the joints with electrical tape.

  5. Remove the old cord

    Pull out the old cord through the top of the lamp until the splice emerges, and snip the electrical tape. Undo the splice, and cut off the old cord.

  6. Rewire the lamp

    Wrap the live wire around the brass screw of the socket, and tighten the screw. Using the same criterion, wrap the neutral wire under the other screw. Replace the socket and covering, and screw in the bulb.

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