How Do You Revive Frozen Plants?

To revive a frozen plant, remove it from the cold and water it immediately. Remove the damaged parts of the plant, avoid fertilizing it and cover it in the future. You need water, fabric and pruning scissors.

  1. Remove the plant from outside

    Remove the plant from the cold. Bring it inside to prevent the sun from scorching the weakened foliage. Avoid placing the plant near a heater.

  2. Water the plant immediately

    Give the plant 1 inch of water. When a plant freezes, the water inside the leaves freezes and bursts, leaving the plant in dire need of hydration.

  3. Remove the damaged parts

    Remove the damaged parts of the plant only after it has recovered over several months. Pruning stresses out the plant, which can cause it to die immediately after being frozen. Use pruning scissors to snip of dead flowers and cut away withered and blackened leaves. Trim back dead stems until you reach healthy plant material. This pruning encourages the plant to produce new growth.

  4. Avoid fertilizing the plant

    Do not fertilize the plant until it has completely recovered because fertilizer encourages growth that damaged plants cannot sustain. Wait until the next fall before adding fertilizer.

  5. Cover the plant

    In the future, cover the plant with fabric while it is outside.