How Do You Revive a Dead Plant?

To revive a dead plant, cut the stems back, and reduce the sunlight and water intake of the plant. Wait between three weeks to two months for new leaves or stems to appear.

  1. Cut the stems, and search for signs of life

    Cut the stems in one-third increments until you find a living part of the stem.

  2. Shorten dead stems

    If the stems are dead all the way down, cut them down to 2 inches.

  3. Place the plant in a new location

    Place the plant in a new location so it receives half of the required amount of sunlight for that species.

  4. Reduce the water intake of the plant

    If the stems are not alive, wait for the surface of the soil to dry before watering. For partially living stems, water when the soil is mostly dry.

  5. Wait for new stems to appear

    If you cut the stems back, nurse the stems for no longer than two months before waiting for new stems to appear. If no new stems appear, check to see if the roots died.

  6. Prune inactive stems

    If you only cut part of the stems back, wait three to four weeks for new stems and leaves to appear.