What Reviews Do York Air-Conditioning Systems Receive?


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York air-conditioning systems get below average reviews on Furnace Compare, a heating and air consumer review site. Though some customers are very satisfied with the efficiency and performance of the systems, others have issues with reliability and noise.

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Consumers on Furnace Compare ranked York brand air-conditioning systems 38th out of 56 brands, and only 27 percent of consumers on the site would recommend York products. A number of reviewers noted problems with systems developing within a few years, a relatively short amount of time for central air systems. The types of problems reported include easily clogged or rusty filters, coolant leaks, and malfunctioning compressors and condensers.

A survey of central air customers found that customers with York systems experienced a significantly higher rate of system issues than customers of other major brands within the first five years of ownership, according to ConsumerSearch. Additionally, some York customers note that their systems are too loud, with one customer complaining of sleep disturbances due to the noise.

Those customers who indicate that they are very satisfied cite the relative ease of installation and the efficiency of the systems, with a number of customers finding a noticeable drop in their electricity bills. Individual experiences may vary widely because quality of installation and maintenance are critical factors in the overall reliability and performance of any air-conditioning system.

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