What Are Some Reviews for the Woods Chest Freezer?


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A majority of the online reviews for the Woods chest freezer are positive, while some of the reviews mention drawbacks as well. Many people say that the Woods chest freezer is stable, durable and functional, though others say the Woods chest freezer frosts easily and that it is only a worthy purchase because of its low price.

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The reviews for the Woods chest freezer discuss both positive and negative aspects of the freezer, often in the same review. Most of the reviews give the Woods chest freezer three, four or five stars.

The vast majority of reviewers list some positive aspects of the Woods chest freezer, such as its durability and its stability. Other positive comments do not discuss the function of the freezer but rather positively discuss its light weight for easy placement and moving, its attractive color or its relative value. Positive reviewers tend to agree that the freezer is not unique, trendy or unusual but that it is sturdy, reliable and available at a reasonable price.

Commonly mentioned negatives of the Woods chest freezer are that it collects frost easily and that it is difficult to defrost. Critical reviewers say this frosting problem reduces available storage space in the freezer.

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